This layout is based on the Louisville & Nashville Railroad's Knoxville & Atlanta (K&A) Division Mainline during the mid 1970's until the end of the L&N/Family Lines in 1982.

I am modeling a section between Morley Tn. at the North end and Knoxville Tn. at the South end. With staging yards on the lower level representing Corbin Ky. to the North and Etowah Tn. to the South. I have added industries to my layout in order to make operation more interesting. I have incorporated an interchange with the Southern Railway in Knoxville which provides a good flow of traffic. Through Coal trains head for the South and the TOTE and empty Auto Racks move north each day. Passenger Trains 17 and 18 still operate a daily run over the division.

Friday, 11 April 2014

New Blog / website

Hi All,
    Just to let you know that I will be closing this Blog sometime soon.

Leading up to the April 2013 Australian National N-Scale Convention I decided to change the name of the Layout to better reflect what I am modeling. The layout is now called the 

Louisville & Nashville Railroad - Knoxville Division

So, along with a rename of the layout I have been working on a new website.

The new website replaces the old Website and this Blogspot . It has all the normal stuff like photo galleries and fixed pages and has a Blog page. You can subscribe to the site to get updates as I post them.
Hopefully a bit more often than on this Blog.

See you on the new site.

Greg Johnstone.

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